The Geriatrics, Interprofessional Practice and Interorganizational Collaboration (GiiC) Toolkit

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The GiiC Toolkit is a collaboration of the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario located in Hamilton, Kingston, London, Ottawa and Toronto, the Centre for Education and Research on Aging and Health (CERAH) at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay and the North East Specialized Geriatric Services (NESGS) Group in Sudbury. CERAH and the NESGS Interest Group are affiliated with the Northern Ontario School of Medicine.


The GiiC Toolkit is an enduring resource of the GiiC initiative. The initiative helps build capacity for the care of frail seniors in family health teams and and community health centers across the province of Ontario. The project is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care through a HealthForceOntario, Inter-professional Care Education Fund and supports the Provincial Inter-professional Care Blueprint for Action.

What is the GiiC Toolkit?

The Tool Kit comprises a set of tools in geriatrics, inter-professional practice and inter-organizational collaboration. Each set includes:

  • Topic overviews and quick facts
  • Clinical tools and algorithms
  • Client/Patient self assessment tools
  • Patient/Client/Family handouts
  • Teaching case studies
  • Quizzes
  • Slide materials that can be used to build capacity on teams
  • Reference lists

  • Clinicians are encouraged to select the most relevant tools for their practice and modify them to fit their needs and the needs of their clients/patients and to engage their regional GiiC consultant to assist in the knowledge to practice process.

    Disclaimer This publication is intended only to facilitate the free flow of information of interest to health care providers involved in the care of older persons. Independent verification of the information provided is encouraged.