Practically Speaking Series: It Takes Two to Tango – Partnering in Co-Design with Older Adults and Health Leaders

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Event Date: November 25, 2021

Poster of Webinar Series


November 25, 2021 

12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Moderated by Charissa Levy, Executive Director, Rehabilitative Care Alliance (RCA), join Anne-Marie Yaraskavitch,  Co-Chair of PGLO’s Older Adult & Care Partner Advisory Council and Kelly Kay, PGLO Executive Director, and participate in a session to identify experiences and concrete actions to advance co-design with older adults during pandemic recovery and beyond.

Session Objectives

  • To share lessons learned about co-design from the perspective of older adults and health leaders
  • To identify practical tips for preparing to and engaging in co-design
  • To collaborate in the generation of new ideas about how to engage older adults and care partners in co-design

 A Novel Format

Our moderator will begin the session by asking our panelists a series of questions and then turn to participants to answer the same questions. All attendees are invited to share experiences, resources, examples, and aspirations.

Themes from this workshop will be consolidated as part of an exposition on recovery planning and system transformation in Ontario aimed at advancing approaches to integrated care for older adults living with complex health conditions.

Think with us! Come prepared to:

  1. Share an example of how you have engaged in co-design as an older adult or a health leader.
  2. Describe what helped you best prepare to work with others such as older adults or health leaders
  3. Describe what you learned from perspectives on the other side of the co-design table.
  4. Share what you want to tell health leaders and older adults about co-design as it relates to recovery planning and system transformation.