Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office

Provincial Initiative

The Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office (PGLO) is the provincial infrastructure for clinical geriatrics care, and, in collaboration with health professionals providing direct care, provides trusted leadership in integrated, person-centred care for older adults and their caregivers living with complex health needs in Ontario. The PGLO focuses on coordinating perspectives across clinical geriatric services (Care of the Elderly, Geriatric Medicine, Geriatric Psychiatry and Interprofessional Geriatric Teams) in order to improve the care for older adults across the continuum of care.

The PGLO has arisen out of the ongoing work of the Regional Geriatric Programs of Ontario and pursues the following strategic directions:

  • Drive clinical excellence
  • Build capacity across the system
  • Advance seniors health policy

The work of the PGLO includes:

PGLO Team:

  • Kelly Kay, Executive Director (interim),
  • Dr. Sophiya Benjamin, Co-Medical Director – Geriatric Psychiatry,
  • Dr. Kevin Young, Co-Medical Director – Geriatric Medicine,
  • Adam Morrison, Director, Policy & Planning,

PGLO Steering Committee:

Steering Committee Position Member
Clinician Representative for Geriatric Medicine Dr. Frank Molnar
Clinician Representative for Geriatric Psychiatry Vacant
Clinician Representative for Care of the Elderly Dr. Sid Feldman
Administrator Representative for Geriatric Medicine Mr. Kelly Milne
Administrator Representative for Geriatric Mental Health Ms. Julia Baxter
Administrator Representative for Care of the Elderly Ms. Valerie Scarfone
Older Adult/Caregiver Representative Vacant
Older Adult/Caregiver Representative Vacant