Supporting Ontario Health Teams

Provincial Initiative

Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Ontario (PGLO) coordinates the clinical infrastructure for specialized geriatric services (SGS) in Ontario.  Across the province, SGS providers focus on the design, delivery and evaluation of health and social service care to older adults living with multiple, complex, chronic, and often interacting health conditions (sometimes called frailty), and their caregivers. PGLO works with local, regional and provincial partners to provide trusted and credible information and support to the efforts of Ontario Health Teams (OHTs), specific to the needs of an older adult population living with complexity.

Core Supports:

  • Knowledge translation of emerging evidence and practical clinical experience from Care of the Elderly, Geriatric Medicine, Geriatric Psychiatry and Interprofessional Geriatric Team-based practice.
  • Knowledge production, in collaboration with OHTs and others, about new ways of delivering integrated care to older adults.
  • Planning, policy, evaluation and clinical supports to aid OHTs to deliver care to older adults living with complex health concerns, while incorporating best evidence.
  • Collegial problem-solving, prototyping and solution development to address emerging issues and co-create new tools and resources for older persons’ care.
  • Shared meaning making of OHT data sets – providing expert interpretation of trends and indicators in older persons’ care
  • Forging connections with key health system partners (e.g. OHT staff, SGS staff, RISE coaches, etc.).
  • Developing and disseminating a province-wide minimum data set (i.e. indicators) and performance measurement framework, specific to integrated care for older adults living with complex and chronic health conditions.
  • Identifying, tracking and celebrating learning and innovation in the delivery of care to older adults living with complex health concerns in Ontario through an annual innovation showcase and published reports.

Check back regularly as we add new resources. For more information about these resources or for direct assistance with your own OHT work related to older persons’ care, please contact us at or connect with your local Regional Geriatric Program or Specialized Geriatric Service.