Guide de stratégies pour les aidants naturels

Le Guide de stratégies pour les aidants naturels : offrir soins et soutien à un aîné fragilisé a été préparé pour vous, parents et amis qui soutiennent un aîné. Créé en consultation avec des aidants dans tout l’Ontario, il a été révisé par des professionnels de la santé.

Caregiving Strategies Handbook

Caregiving Strategies are a collection of educational resources that have been developed and/or curated for family and friend caregivers who provide care and support for seniors experiencing frailty.

Compendium of Educational Offerings

The Compendium of Educational Offerings Relevant to Interprofessional Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is a result of collaboration between the North East Specialized Geriatric Services (NESGC), Seniors Care Network, and Laurentian Research Institute for Aging (LRIA). This final result of this collaboration is an extensive compendium of educational offerings divided into 3 sections.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A summary of frequently asked questions that covers what is a comprehensive geriatric assessment, what are specialized geriatric services and what should be included in the ideal basket of specialized geriatric services. CGA performed by SGS can take place in a variety of settings. The RGPs advocate that CGA should be available across the continuum of health care services in community, emergency, inpatient, and longterm care settings, and delivered by an interprofessional, specialized geriatric team. 

An Overview of RGP Programs

Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) provide a comprehensive network of specialized geriatric services which assess and treat functional, medical, and psychosocial aspects of illness and disability in older adults.

Caregiver Education and Training Sf7 Toolkit

The SF7 Toolkit is a Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) resource that supports clinical best practices for healthcare providers in each sector and provides self management tools for older adults and their caregivers. The toolkit is available by individual topic, as well as by all topics together. All SF7 toolkit options are available on our website.