Delirium Awareness Resources

Delirium is a medical emergency. Delirium may be under-recognized in older adults. Learn more about what you can to to identify and help to manage delirium.

Vaccine Myth Busting Resources for Clinicians

This resource includes responses to common myths, notes about vaccination in immunosuppressed older populations, ideas for having the conversation about vaccine hesitancy and several current clinical resources.

Chronic Disease Management in Long-term Care: Diabetes

Dr. Ruth Ellen, BScH, MD, FRCP(C), brings her experience in geriatric and internal medicine, along with her past practice as an MRP in Long Term Care, to a practical discussion about optimizing diabetes management in LTC, at this challenging time.  While taking a focus on times of high stress, Dr. Ellen's advice applies to overall management and will be of interest to primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, RN, RPNs, LTC pharmacists, and others.

Chronic Disease Management in Long-term Care: Heart Failure

This session provided specific information for the Long Term Care (LTC) environment with a focus on effective chronic disease management that can lessen care requirements and promote comfort and quality of life for those living with chronic disease in any setting. This session may be particularly important for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and others caring for individuals living with heart failure during COVID-19 outbreaks.

Compendium of Educational Offerings

The Compendium of Educational Offerings Relevant to Interprofessional Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment (CGA) is a result of collaboration between the North East Specialized Geriatric Services (NESGC), Seniors Care Network, and Laurentian Research Institute for Aging (LRIA). This final result of this collaboration is an extensive compendium of educational offerings divided into 3 sections.

RGP Knowledge to Practice Framework

This KTP framework has been used to guide two provincial initiatives – the geriatrics, interprofessional practice and interorganizational initiative designed to build geriatrics capacity in family health teams and community health center, and the senior friendly action program supporting teams to use continuous quality improvement projects in acute care geriatrics. The framework is also used to guide the KTP elements of a several research grant applications.

An Overview of RGP Programs

Regional Geriatric Programs (RGPs) provide a comprehensive network of specialized geriatric services which assess and treat functional, medical, and psychosocial aspects of illness and disability in older adults.

Competency Framework for Interprofessional Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment

The purpose of this competency framework is to describe detailed practice expectations of health professionals participating in the CGA. This Framework will help health professionals to adequately prepare themselves to deliver interprofessional comprehensive geriatric assessments and interventions and work effectively in a specialized geriatrics environment.

Caregiver Education and Training Sf7 Toolkit

The SF7 Toolkit is a Senior Friendly Care (sfCare) resource that supports clinical best practices for healthcare providers in each sector and provides self management tools for older adults and their caregivers. The toolkit is available by individual topic, as well as by all topics together. All SF7 toolkit options are available on our website.