Chronic Disease Management in Long-term Care: Diabetes

Dr. Ruth Ellen, BScH, MD, FRCP(C), brings her experience in geriatric and internal medicine, along with her past practice as an MRP in Long Term Care, to a practical discussion about optimizing diabetes management in LTC, at this challenging time.  While taking a focus on times of high stress, Dr. Ellen's advice applies to overall management and will be of interest to primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, RN, RPNs, LTC pharmacists, and others.

Chronic Disease Management in Long-term Care: Heart Failure

This session provided specific information for the Long Term Care (LTC) environment with a focus on effective chronic disease management that can lessen care requirements and promote comfort and quality of life for those living with chronic disease in any setting. This session may be particularly important for primary care physicians, nurse practitioners and others caring for individuals living with heart failure during COVID-19 outbreaks.

Why is Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment the Gold Standard?

Covers the CGA process as a tool, not just assessment, includes management plan and implementation. Includes robust evidence in the hospital setting that it increases likelihood of living at home and in other settings – prevents functional decline.