Alternate Level of Care Leading Practices Guide

The Alternate Level of Care Leading Practices guide was developed by the Ontario ALC Leading Practices Working Group and identifies evidence-based leading practices for the care and proactive management of hospitalized older adults at risk of delayed transition to an appropriate setting that can be implemented in the emergency department, acute care and post-acute care settings. While the focus of this guide is on ALC prevention and management in hospitalized older adults, many of these leading practices can be applied to other patient populations.

Virtual Care Decision Tool for Older Persons’ Care

This Virtual Care Decision Tool is a resource that aims to provide a structured approach to critical decision making about determining the a best approach to a comprehensive geriatric assessment (e.g. virtual or in-person)

Vaccine Myth Busting Resources for Clinicians

This resource includes responses to common myths, notes about vaccination in immunosuppressed older populations, ideas for having the conversation about vaccine hesitancy and several current clinical resources.

Cognitive Screening Toolkit

This new Toolkit can serve as a resource for clinicians to better understand cognitive screening tools, which have been validated in Primary Care settings and are available for free. This toolkit can help in selecting the appropriate cognitive screening tool to use with primary care patients.

Virtual Approaches to Cognitive Screening During Pandemics

Published May 8, 2020 by the Canadian Geriatrics Society (CGS) by authors Dr. Kristen Clark and Dr. Philip St John, “Virtual Approaches to Cognitive Screening During Pandemics” reviews the evidence and approach for eight virtual screening tools for cognition and provides advice to clinicians at a time when many are increasingly using virtual means to reach their patients. 

Guide de stratégies pour les aidants naturels

Le Guide de stratégies pour les aidants naturels : offrir soins et soutien à un aîné fragilisé a été préparé pour vous, parents et amis qui soutiennent un aîné. Créé en consultation avec des aidants dans tout l’Ontario, il a été révisé par des professionnels de la santé.