Frailty Estimates by Census Division and Ontario Health Region

The Provincial Geriatrics Leadership Office, with the support of our Fall 2020 Health Sciences students from Western University (Anjali Sarkar and Adrienne Harper) has estimated the prevalence of frailty by census division and projected these estimates to 2040 to facilitate planning for health services for older adults living with complex and chronic health concerns. A full description of our approach to developing these estimates is included in tab one of each workbook.

These estimates may facilitate a better understanding of the need for services that can respond to the specific requirements of older persons and may be used in connection with data from our Specialized Geriatric Services Asset Mapping Initiative (see related resources) to compare anticipated need against current supply and utilization. Support for the design of services to meet anticipated needs can also be found in our report titled Designing Integrated Care for Older Adults Living with Complex and Chronic Health Needs.

You may also wish to follow our work on Indicators for Integrated Older Persons Care in Ontario

Links to Excel workbooks with frailty estimates by Ontario Health Region (and census divisions) are below:

Regional Frailty Estimates North

Regional Frailty Estimates East

Regional Frailty Estimates Toronto

Regional Frailty Estimates West

Regional Frailty Estimates Central

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